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Regain Your Creativity

By February 4, 2021June 2nd, 2023Blog Post, Tips & Tricks

Since the start of the pandemic, something many of us realized that we took for granted was the opportunity to have intentional conversations or even the brief farewells from co-workers while saying goodnight to the office. Thankfully as time has passed, things are starting to change and with the proper precautions, we are able to still live our lives and do the things we love, even if it may look different than before.

Keep your mind sharp by applying these tips at work or in your personal life to regain your creativity today!

Communication is key

In the world of marketing, working alongside a team is crucial to develop a final product that you and your client will love. Taking the time to brainstorm and talk through the steps in order to execute a project can be incredibly helpful. Verbally processing and getting on the same page as your co-workers can help you see the bigger picture. Schedule a time in your day to call or meet up with a co-worker to exchange your creative ideas — even if it doesn’t get anywhere… two (or more) heads are better than one!

Try something new

Whether it’s knitting, painting, trying out a new recipe, or finally picking up your dust-collecting guitar and learning a few chords, doing a hands-on project can prompt the creative juices to start flowing.

Stay connected by writing letters – the old fashioned way.

In the digital world we live in, taking the time to write a letter can be a forgein concept. Even if it’s writing to an old friend, yourself, or jotting down your thoughts, the act of sitting down and putting a pen to paper can be so powerful and motivating to get out of a creative funk.

An outsider’s opinion

As the target audience for a business, interacting with an advertisement or scrolling through social media can be way more impactful for them in the first few seconds they see it.

If you’ve hit a roadblock in your creative execution, find a fresh set of eyes. Seek out someone who isn’t a part of your team, explain the project to them, and ask them what their initial thoughts are on what they are critiquing. You never know how helpful that can be!

This season of life has had us all learn how to think more outside the box. In-House runs on creativity everyday and we’ve seen it pay off. With marketing strategies, communicating with clients, and everything in between, a creative mind is essential when doing our job! Try these tips today to bring your creative side back to life!