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Next Level Branding

By July 28, 2021June 2nd, 2023Advertising, Blog Post, General

5 Signs that it’s time to take your brand’s social media to the next level and how In-House can take you there!

You Want to Grow Your Business.

At first you were a local brand whose customers were family and friends. Now you are an established brand that’s continuing to grow. A social rebrand is perfect for you! This step is made even easier if you have established social platforms. If you’re asking yourself what are social platforms, and which ones should I be on? No worries we’re here to help. Social platforms are a space to grow your brand, making creating connections easy. Apps like Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and Snapchat have been used to advertise for a brand and to sell their products too! 

For some small business owners Covid was the force that closed their doors, for others it opened the door to new opportunity and a new market. As the world shifted to staying home the market shifted to a digital space. This gave brands an opportunity to be in more places at once, communicate more frequently, and to customize their marketing. In-House can help grow your digital presence and following. 

Your Followers Have Plateaued.

You started a business and social accounts too. Your followers have grown slowly but not at the rate you’d like. In-House can help refresh your socials, making them intriguing to consumers, easy to navigate, and something you want to show off. 

Social media can be a lot of work, keeping up with posts, messages, and not to mention keeping up with the trends that change constantly. It’s no easy feat to run a business in person and online. Having an agency like In-House handle your social media can free up your time to focus on what matters most, your brand. We do posts, story highlights, lives with followers, event coverage, and blogs. 

You Only Post Sporadically. 

If your social media is 0-60 with multiple posts one day including stories or giveaways, and then the next couple of weeks its radioactive silent, then it may be time to get a social media manager. At In-House we can create a month-to-month social media plan. Creating posts that highlight your promotions for the month, products, or services you want to push, and the image you want for your brand. 

Your DMs are Overflowing.

Does your phone look like a Christmas tree lit up with notifications? Having lots of notifications doesn’t just make your phone chaotic it can make your business feel that way too. Being overwhelmed and busy is good for money but when messages aren’t responded to, left unread, or you miss them all together can make consumers frustrated. We get it, direct messaging can be confusing and emotionally draining. Understanding that if they didn’t care about your brand, they wouldn’t take the time to message you is key to maintaining a positive outlook when dealing with internet trolls.

Whether it’s a positive comment or a negative one a response back is best. This prevents the customer from feeling ignored. Replying with a simple message that conveys your sympathy for what the consumer is going through and offer positive solutions. This will help maintain your relationship with this customer and a simple mistake could be addressed. Preventing your brand from getting cancelled on the local Facebook chit chat. 

Your Brand Doesn’t Feel Like YOUR Brand.

Our goal is to tell a story to your followers, one that truly represents the values of your brand and how you want people to view it. Is your brand family based, for girl bosses, a boy’s club, or all the above? Whatever represents your brand we can bring to life through social media. Making posts more authentically you will also help attract customers that are a good fit with your brand. People that see the hard work you are putting in and value the business that you have developed. 

So, whether today was your first-time downloading Instagram or if you’re influencer level on social media and just need someone to take some of the work, we’re here to take the pressure off!  Give us a call today to talk about our social media management services, we also do websites, brochures, billboards, video, and radio ads.