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Saralynn Dobler

By Meet the Team

Except for the fact she loves dogs, like really loves dogs, what else is there to know about Saralynn? Well, for starters, she makes some pretty cool websites and you can usually find her doing this cuddled in a blanket in the office! (who cranked the A/C??) 

Whether Saralynn is taking her dogs for a walk, snacking on cream cheese wontons, or jamming to punk or classic rock, you can be sure that she will still be the kind Saralynn we know! 

Let’s dive a little into Saralynn’s favorite things and fun facts!!

  1. If you could learn to do anything, what would it be? Speak another language
  2. Tell us something that might surprise us about you? I have 3 large dogs that each weigh over 100 pounds and a 12 pound cat.
  3. Favorite Movie? Either the Martian or the Emperor’s New Groove
  4. When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grow up? Dalmatian Plantation Owner or a Ballerina
  5. Toilet paper, over or under? Doesn’t matter, my dog will chew it up anyway
  6. If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you meet? Johnny Cash
  7. What’s the weirdest job you’ve ever had? Planetarium Show Presenter
  8. What would you do for a living if you weren’t doing this? A wedding DJ might be kinda fun (ooh yes, we agree!)
  9. Where is the best place you’ve traveled to and why? Ireland…it’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to!
  10. If you could have a superpower what would it be? Teleportation…obviously

What are three words you’d use to describe In-House Advertising? Imaginative, Fun, and Dedicated. 

Next Level Branding

By General

5 Signs that it’s time to take your brand’s social media to the next level and how In-House can take you there!

You Want to Grow Your Business.

At first you were a local brand whose customers were family and friends. Now you are an established brand that’s continuing to grow. A social rebrand is perfect for you! This step is made even easier if you have established social platforms. If you’re asking yourself what are social platforms, and which ones should I be on? No worries we’re here to help. Social platforms are a space to grow your brand, making creating connections easy. Apps like Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and Snapchat have been used to advertise for a brand and to sell their products too! 

For some small business owners Covid was the force that closed their doors, for others it opened the door to new opportunity and a new market. As the world shifted to staying home the market shifted to a digital space. This gave brands an opportunity to be in more places at once, communicate more frequently, and to customize their marketing. In-House can help grow your digital presence and following. 

Your Followers Have Plateaued.

You started a business and social accounts too. Your followers have grown slowly but not at the rate you’d like. In-House can help refresh your socials, making them intriguing to consumers, easy to navigate, and something you want to show off. 

Social media can be a lot of work, keeping up with posts, messages, and not to mention keeping up with the trends that change constantly. It’s no easy feat to run a business in person and online. Having an agency like In-House handle your social media can free up your time to focus on what matters most, your brand. We do posts, story highlights, lives with followers, event coverage, and blogs. 

You Only Post Sporadically. 

If your social media is 0-60 with multiple posts one day including stories or giveaways, and then the next couple of weeks its radioactive silent, then it may be time to get a social media manager. At In-House we can create a month-to-month social media plan. Creating posts that highlight your promotions for the month, products, or services you want to push, and the image you want for your brand. 

Your DMs are Overflowing.

Does your phone look like a Christmas tree lit up with notifications? Having lots of notifications doesn’t just make your phone chaotic it can make your business feel that way too. Being overwhelmed and busy is good for money but when messages aren’t responded to, left unread, or you miss them all together can make consumers frustrated. We get it, direct messaging can be confusing and emotionally draining. Understanding that if they didn’t care about your brand, they wouldn’t take the time to message you is key to maintaining a positive outlook when dealing with internet trolls.

Whether it’s a positive comment or a negative one a response back is best. This prevents the customer from feeling ignored. Replying with a simple message that conveys your sympathy for what the consumer is going through and offer positive solutions. This will help maintain your relationship with this customer and a simple mistake could be addressed. Preventing your brand from getting cancelled on the local Facebook chit chat. 

Your Brand Doesn’t Feel Like YOUR Brand.

Our goal is to tell a story to your followers, one that truly represents the values of your brand and how you want people to view it. Is your brand family based, for girl bosses, a boy’s club, or all the above? Whatever represents your brand we can bring to life through social media. Making posts more authentically you will also help attract customers that are a good fit with your brand. People that see the hard work you are putting in and value the business that you have developed. 

So, whether today was your first-time downloading Instagram or if you’re influencer level on social media and just need someone to take some of the work, we’re here to take the pressure off!  Give us a call today to talk about our social media management services, we also do websites, brochures, billboards, video, and radio ads.

Nate Ehlers (Nate E.)

By Meet the Team

Let’s get to know Nate, our graphic and web design specialist! We all know he creates killer graphics and mind-blowing websites, but let’s learn a little more about what makes Nate, Nate! Well, with two little kiddos he sure is busy! But when he is free, you can count on seeing him longboarding down the street or creating a game for the Original Nintendo (ok Nate, show off more)!! You might even catch Nate secretly snacking on some Oreos or avoiding washing the dishes. Shhhh. We are lucky to have Nate around the office and don’t know what we would do without him!
Want to learn more about Nate? Read on to hear directly from Nate!

Where is the best place you have traveled to and why?
Alaska. Everything is so much more simple and exponentially more beautiful.

What’s the weirdest job you have ever had?
Wire Harness Engineer

Favorite food?

Toilet paper, over or under?
I don’t know why anyone would actively choose under.

What chore do you hate doing?
Handwashing dishes

What music is on your phone?
I have an old man phone that has no storage!!

What would you do (for a career) if you weren’t doing this?
After-School Care for Kindergartners (aww)

What’s one thing that terrifies you?
I really REALLY regret learning about what SIDS is.

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?
Arcade Machine & CRT TV Repair

Favorite Movie?
Hot Fuzz


And that’s that Nate we know and love!

Your Guide to the Next Big Marketing Trend: Short-Form Video

By General

With more than two-thirds of marketers utilizing video in 2020, it’s safe to say video is here to stay. However, the question isn’t whether or not video will stick around, but how video marketing trends will refine in the years to come and how we, as marketers, can leverage the content to grow our business. What should we put in our videos and how long should they be? New research reveals that when it comes to video marketing, less is more and short-form video content is the future.

What is short-form video content?

Short-form video typically falls between the 15 second to 2-minute time frame. These videos are long enough to get the point across in an engaging way, but short enough to hold the viewer’s attention span. Short-form video was also the best performing content in terms of engagement across every industry in 2020. Why does this content perform so well? Human attention spans have rapidly decreased over the years. A study by Microsoft reported that Millennials have an attention span of roughly 12 seconds while Gen Z has an attention span of about 8 seconds. Another thing that differentiates short-form videos is the trend culture. For example, TikTok reflects trends through short videos of dancing, using specific sounds/music, and taking part in social movements. In order to land on the ‘For You Page’ or the Instagram ‘Explore’ page, brands will make their own version of a trend through short-form video.

Why are we shifting to short-form?

We live in a fast-paced mobile world and short-form content fits with the busy lifestyles of our society, so gone are the days where the entire family gathered around a single screen to watch their favorite show. With the introduction of mobile devices and apps like TikTok, more people are choosing ‘bite-size’ or ‘snackable’ content to fill their time. One of the reasons short-form content has gained in popularity is because it’s primarily user-generated. User generated content (UGC) is the shining star of social media marketing because the average Joe is no longer impressed by pushy sales tactics. Instead, we’re finding consumers crave stories, connection, and interaction with real people.

How to make effective short-form video content for your brand

Don’t overthink it: remember to keep it short and to the point while also making it meaningful to your audience. Videos that create an emotional response are more likely to be shared on social media. Most short-form social videos incorporate creative humor, so don’t be afraid to have some fun with it.

Short-form video does especially well when it’s utilized for social and optimized for mobile. TikTok videos and Instagram Reels are currently the main platforms for creating user-generated short-form videos. Ask yourself: what channels are your audience using the most and for what? The maximum length of your video will depend on the platform. Twitter can be up to 2:20 minutes, TikTok is 60 seconds, Instagram Reels is 30 seconds, and YouTube tends to be longer. Determine which social channels make the most sense for your business and use its entertainment value to align with your brand.

Short-form video trends to look out for in 2021

  1. User Generated Content

As mentioned, UGC is rapidly growing as a successful marketing tactic. A data report by Stackla uncovered that 79% of people say UGC highly impacts their purchasing decisions and are 2.4 times more likely to say it’s authentic compared to brand-created content. Not only do user-generated videos cost less, but they bring authenticity and evoke emotion in a way brand-sponsored video can’t.

A great example of a successful UGC campaign is GoPro’s #MillionDollarChallenge which was used to celebrate the launch of their product, the HERO7 Black. They challenged their customer base to create a video highlight reel made from clips shot on GoPro. They then encouraged their audience to share their videos using the hashtag. The campaign saw huge success with over 25,000 video submissions from loyal fans.

  1. Behind-the-Scenes

Show your audience what your business is really like through behind-the-brand short-form videos. Through social media, brands have a unique opportunity to engage with their audience in genuine ways. Instead of showing your business through a filtered lens, show your consumer base there are real people behind the brand. This helps your audience humanize your company, builds trust, and gives a deeper understanding of what makes your business unique.

Chipotle is a great example of a brand who’s been taking advantage of short-form video content on TikTok. The popular fast-food chain shares videos on everything from making burritos to fans enjoying their food, all while aligning their content to fit well with the platform by using popular sounds and incorporating trends.

Chipotle's TikTok

Brands are constantly trying to guess what’s next in the marketing world. By incorporating short-form video into your marketing strategy, you’re meeting consumers where they are—on their phones watching videos. Consumers crave stories, connection, and interaction with real people. Short-form video allows you to connect to your consumers on a different level that evokes trust and emotion. Get ahead of the curve and consider short-form video as a way to keep your content fresh and your audiences tuned in.

How to Curate an Instagram Theme and Why it’s Important to Have One

By General

Since its release in 2010, Instagram has impressively dominated the social media space alongside platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. However, Instagram takes advantage of something in particular that sets it apart as a unique social platform: visuals. Humans are visual creatures. 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual and the brain processes it 60,000 times faster than any text.


Instagram has innovated by allowing the user to customize their profiles to their liking, but that doesn’t mean you should throw any old picture into your feed. Having a consistent and themed look will not only attract potential followers, but it shows that your brand is unique and professional. Here are four things to think about when establishing your own Instagram theme.


  1. Stay consistent with your brand.

What is your brand’s identity? Is it bright and loud or simple and clear-cut? Your Instagram’s appearance should easily flow with the look and feel of your brand to avoid confusion and a sloppy look. Don’t use differing color palettes and keep fonts the same or similar. This way, you’re establishing a clear look to your brand, and eventually your followers might be able to tell your content apart simply by associating colors and elements.


  1. Post high-quality and edited photos.

Invest in good lighting, a decent camera, and a streamlined editing process. Most photo editing software allows the user to set ‘presets’ or pre-made filters. By using the same presets for each photo, your feed will look more cohesive. Also, you don’t need to go out and buy an expensive DSLR for your posts. Usually, a phone camera and sufficient natural lighting will do the trick.


  1. Don’t forget about Instagram stories.

Curating highly stylized stories can help you stand out and keep your audience engaged. Make sure your stories clearly show your brand identity and maintain the feel you want to achieve. Try to incorporate the design and style of your website and apply it to your stories with the same vigor. Instagram’s story creator offers many different fonts, stickers, and filters, however apps like Canva allow you to create story templates. Use these templates to make the process easier and to maintain a specific design.


  1. Plan out your posts.

Planning out content in advance not only keeps you organized but you will be able to see what your posts look like together in Instagram’s famous grid style layout. Planning a curated grid makes it easier to keep a consistent color theme and can help give your feed an intended look. There are many different grid layout planning tools on the market, including VSCO, Preview, and Planoly.


Your Instagram feed is the first thing a viewer sees when they land on your profile, so it’s important for your photos make a good impression. Overall, your objectives should be to stay consistent with your brand identity, ensure the photos are high-quality, utilize themed Instagram stories, and plan your posts in a grid style layout. This way, your photos will look clean, stylized, and professional.


5 Simple Facebook Tools: Help Your Small Business Succeed

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Facebook continues to be one of the most widely used online platforms around the world.  With over 1 billion daily active users, marketers need to be smart on how they target and grow their audience and business through Facebook. 

With over 65% of users logging on daily, businesses need to find ways to stand out from their competition every day.  Whether you are a large corporation or a local small business, Facebook marketing can work for everyone – it is the perfect platform to keep customers informed, develop your brand identity, and broaden your reach.

Here are 5 easy tips to help your business succeed with Facebook Marketing:

  1. Target Specific Audiences

Facebook allows you to target your audience super specifically. Basic demographics you can target include age, location, and gender.  But Facebook allows you to cater your ads towards specific incomes, education levels, and even age of child.

With all these options, make sure you are careful not to be too specific with your targeting.  If you get so granular with your persona targeting, no one will see your posts.

  1. Facebook Exchange Retargeting

This feature allows businesses to take advantage of ad re-targeting on Facebook with real time bidding.  By targeting audiences based on their web history, a retailer can display an ad for their product right on Facebook after the consumer does not make a purchase the first time.

Retargeting ads are now directly on the consumers news feed, instead of just on the side columns.  Since this change, response rates of ads are 10 to 50 times higher. 

  1. Boost Your Posts

Organic posts on Facebook are not getting the attention they used to.  This is where the boost post feature comes into play for businesses.

This means that your business is paying for your posts to be seen by more people, thus increasing your reach.  You can pay any amount that you want, that gives you the freedom to see what is best for your company.  Once you create a budget, you can boost any kind of post – images, videos, links to a website, and more.

  1. Emoji Use

Research actually shows that ads with emojis get far higher click throughs than ads without.  They act as a visual magnet for copy and if used correctly, can be used to highlight certain key points.

92% of online users today use emojis, these people believe that emojis express their feelings more accurately than words.  They are free to use and can draw more attention to your posts, what more could you want?

  1. Videos

Over 8 billion videos or 100 million hours of videos are watched on Facebook every day.  The video opportunities to watch or create are almost endless.  From going live to creating short films, there is something for every audience. 

Videos can change up your feed, increase engagement, entertain your audience, and allow them to understand your brand identity.  Plus, you can even boost these videos to continue to improve your reach.  There are so many other features, tips, and tricks that Facebook has to offer to help your company grow.  These are five affordable and simple tricks that work for small, and even large businesses.

Kylie Vadnais

By Meet the Team

You’ve seen this graphics guru through her amazing work, but we think it’s time you get to know THE Kylie “Freaky Fast” Vadnais! This girl loves french fries, football, and most importantly her fur baby, Denali. Can you blame her? She’s paw-dorable.

You must know that Jimmy Johns has nothing on this girl!! Kylie is known for slaying projects and handling buznasss. But wait! Her skills don’t just end in the graphic design department. She is also a KILLER photographer! Yep, she really does it all and we don’t know what we would do without her expertise and creative mind!

Interested in getting to know Kylie in deeper detail? Of course you are! Read on!

  1. Where is your favorite place to be? At home with my husband and dog.
  2. Favorite Word? Ope!
  3. Toilet paper, over or under? OVER! End of discussion.
  4. What is your greatest fear? Missing out on something big by not taking a chance.
  5. Any favorite line from a movie? “You’re killin’ me Smalls” (If you don’t know this movie then we can’t be friends.)
  6. If you could any superpower what would it be? Flying!
  7. How do you balance your career and family? I spend as much time as possible at home + prioritizing.
  8. What’s one thing that terrifies you? Needles!
  9. If you have 30 minutes of free time, how do you pass the time? Hang out with our pup.
  10. What are 3 words you’d use to describe In-House Advertising? Growing, Innovative, Family!

SEO is Dead. Paid Search is the King.

By General

5 years ago, 10 years ago even search engine optimization (SEO) was all any digital marketing company was talking about. It was an aggressive race to the top of the search page. Consumers are lazy, me included. When I hit Google looking for an answer or a solution, I want it now, I want it at the top of the page. I don’t want to have to scroll down the page or dig through links. This is why SEO was so crucial. If your website link wasn’t at the top of the SERP (search engine results page) you weren’t even in the game.

This isn’t news to anyone; everybody knows that nobody goes to the second page of the SERP and most people don’t even scroll down the first page so why am I even talking about this? The point is that all this information remains true. It is still a race to the top of the SERP page and advertisers are fighting aggressively with their competitors to get there. Despite this, the game has changed.

Search engine optimization isn’t what it used to be. Is search engine optimization dead? Absolutely not. That was an exaggerated claim. As a matter of fact, we offer SEO services and encourage all of our clients to utilize them. SEO is still important but if the goal is to be at the top of the SERP, more times than not SEO alone won’t get you there.

In today’s world, paid search is kind of the search engine results page. Google (and the other search engines) know this and are monetizing the SERPS as much as they can. It’s become a pay-to-play game. Granted Google AdWords has technically been around since 2000 but not to the extent that it operates today. Many searches today won’t even show a single organic link without having to scroll. The screen grab below shows an example of this.

What you see the pink arrows pointing at are paid search ads, or search engine marketing ads. Search engine marketing in Layman’s Terms is essentially paying for your website to be listed at the top of the SERP for specified keywords. Without getting too deep into the process, a keyword list is generated, a geographic target region is set, and your website will show at the top of the page when someone searches for those specified keywords within the target region. It’s a bit more complex than that but you get the idea.

All four of the websites shown in the screenshot above are paid ads. Without scrolling, a user won’t see a single organic listing for this search term. Advertisers can do endless amounts of organic search engine optimization but it likely won’t be enough. No matter how much SEO is done, if a competitor is running paid ads your listing won’t show above theirs. While SEO is important to increase your website’s quality score with Google, ultimately it isn’t enough to ensure your website reaches the top of the SERP.

According to to Perion, 64.6% of users click on SEM Ads when they are looking to buy an item online. Power Traffick also states that the top 3 paid advertising spots generate around 50% of the clicks. Don’t believe me, how often do you scroll down the results page before clicking on a link?

Worried about users seeing your ads at the top of the SERP and coming off as spammy? Good news! Most don’t even recognize the difference between paid and organic listing when performing a typical search. performed a survey that proved people are generally unaware of ads vs. organic results.

Ultimately things aren’t that different than they have been in the past. It is still a viscous fight to the top of the search engine results page. To compete with (and beat) your competitors, it’s imperative that users are able to find your business online. Unfortunately, organic search engine optimization isn’t enough to achieve this anymore. Google understands that the top three spots of the search page are the crown jewel of online traffic and they don’t want to give it up too easy. SEM will help ensure that users are finding your business online.

Not sure where to start? I’d be happy to explain more and dive deeper into how search engine marketing works and what that might look like for your business. Send me an email at and I’d be happy to explain further.

9 Tips to Market Your Event Like a BOSS

By General

When creating your marketing campaign for an upcoming event, it can feel overwhelming. You want to make sure that people not only know about your event but also want to go. Here are nine tips to create a fantastic marketing campaign that will peak interest in your event.

  1. Create a Compelling Description– Clearly indicate the topic, time, place, and attendees. The description you share should include specific benefits for each type of attendee. Make it brief and informational. Use quotes or positive feedback from past events whenever possible.
  2. Produce Event Related Videos– Create simple video interviews of the speakers or vendors and post them on your event pages to gain excitement for your event.
  3. Heighten Social Media Activity– Of course your event needs social media! Choose an event hashtag that is short and unique for your event. Social media has a significant impact on opinions, so a trending hashtag is sure to grab attention. Facebook should have boosted content along with dark ads promoting your event. Platforms like Hootsuite can be used to keep all of your social platforms consistent. Share content such as when to register, who your speakers will be, or why guests should come to your event. Most importantly, make your page fun and informational
  4. Send Promotions on weekends– Consider sending event promotions on weekends. Emails on regular workdays might not be seen by the receiver and are often deleted before reading. When people receive emails on weekends, they often feel less stressed for time and are more willing to commit the time to learn about your event.
  5. Let the press know– There are likely journalists who cover local events. Find them by searching for similar events in news websites. Then graciously contact them with an invite, press badge or offer a relevant article. This could be an interview with a speaker or a guest.
  6. Promotion through attendees-You can use the help of people who are already planning to attend. If someone buys a ticket, give them an option to share the news with their friends on social media. You can also introduce specials and offers on purchase of group tickets.
  7. Promote Chief Guests-The special guests at your event also have a fan following of their own. Let people know they’ll be appearing. Inquire with special guests to do things like Facebook lives or interviews with media on your event.
  8. Get Feedback-If you have held previous events, gather feedback from attendees. Send out surveys to gather information to improve your next event. This is a perfect way to familiarize yourself with your audience and what they expect from the events you put on.
  9. Recap and Thank Attendees– Send out post-event information. Thank your attendees for taking the time to attend your event. Post event photos and be sure to tag and mention sponsors.

With these tips, you’re sure to have a fantastic campaign that will ramp up excitement about your event! PLAN ON!!

Justin Cubbage: “Justy” / “Justy Pants” / “Mr. Cubbage”

By Meet the Team

Justin is our whiskey loving, fruit snack hoarding, video-guru god. And we feel it’s about time you get to know the visionary mind behind the camera, and the man that makes the magic happen.

If you know Justin, then it comes as no surprise that he is NOT a morning man/person/human and no amount of caffeine will ever change that. He’s known to keep the team on their toes with his quick sarcastic wit thrown in to almost any conversation – we like to refer to this as creative enthusiasm.

Justin’s eye for lighting, angles, composition, sound, storyboarding, technology … should we keep going or do you get the point? He’s basically the Stephen Hawking of Video and Animation, and we can only hope he never leaves us for Hollywood.

Enough from us, dive in below and find out for yourself why Justin is such a bad***.

  • Favorite place you’ve traveled and why? VEGAS BABY!!   (But he didn’t tell us why — I guess that’s why they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas …)
  • If you could meet anyone living or dead who would it be? The coolest dude that ever lived, Prince. (He didn’t even think twice! And then broke out in song. Ha!)
  • Pet Peeve? If you chew with your mouth open, we cannot be friends.
  • Celebrity Crush? As a man of more refined taste, I’d definitely have to say Aubrey Plaza.
  • Favorite Music? I am a man with many tastes, from Garth Brooks to Tupac, Frank Sinatra to Frank Ocean, and Billie Eilish to Green Day. I honestly listen to it all, minus that pop-country junk that gets played on the radio.
  • If video wasn’t your obvious calling, what would you want to be? An Architect!

** Fun Fact: He earned an early acceptance into Tulane University’s architecture program! He changed his career path when his high school lost their drafting and design teacher before the start of school and forced him to take a different class. That class was a photography and photoshop class and he ventured in a different direction with his creativity.

  • Favorite Beverage? Irish Whiskey.
  • Favorite Person? My dog.
  • Do you prefer Handshake or Hug? Can I say neither? If you hug me… just don’t.
  • Favorite Quote? “All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.” -Blade Runner

Next time you’re in the office or see the In-House video van in the area – make sure you tell Justin hi … and give him a hug. **insert wink**