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5 Top Trends for 2019

By January 23, 2019June 2nd, 2023Blog Post, General
Team | In-House Advertising

Style over Substance

If you can’t get prospects attention, there is no consideration and possible sale! Without first getting attention, there is no shopping, no comparing and no consideration. Consumers are attracted to image first and then decide to investigate further. If you’re using the same graphics and messaging as a few years ago, you have lost! Let Our in-House Design team upgrade your brand!

Video Killed the Radio, and every other medium.

Does your company have professional video to tell a story, catch customers attention, and make your company relevant? Gone are the days when prospects would take the time to read and research the best products, companies and people. Now you need to create a mini blockbuster to drive news ales. We have a fully staffed Video Department that makes great video easy- from concept, writing, video shoots, and editing.

What a tangled web we weave.

Nothing works without a high functioning web site. Gone are the days of design your own, or having a website like a phone book listing. Your Website is vital
to anyone not only finding your business but, determining if it’s for real. Your website has to look right, feel right, and programed right to be found, be read, and be relevant. You have milliseconds to beat your competition out of the next sale. We have two web developers on staff who have created over 40 web sites in 2018, check out our portfolio for the latest samples.

Social is no longer social – it’s all business!

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest are not about mindless entertainment and bragging rights – they hold hostage yesterday’s radio and print audience. It’s an advertising platform you must harness to have a chance to reach today’s
customers and more importantly tomorrow’s prospects. Let our experts write and reach your best prospects for less!

Online or out of business.

Most people find you online. Gone are the days of jumping in your car and driving around from store to store … browsing, exploring, and shopping for new products to buy. Today’s customer is already read, researched, priced and committed to the purchase before they leave home. Let our team of In-House experts show you how to do beat your competition on a local level. Not all clicks are equal, after all most clicks from eastern hemisphere are likely not going to become customers. We have developed a super team of local expertise that can
deliver local results!